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Auto Accident

Automobile accidents are one of the biggest causes of death, bodily injury and lost time from work in this country. The determination of whom is at fault and medical issues regarding the injuries received in a car wreck are often complex. To properly manage an automobile accident claim you often need to coordinate and use to your advantage 1) the terms of the insurance policy for the driver(s) who caused the wreck and your injuries 2) the terms of your own automobile policy 3) the terms of the insurance policy on the car you were driving 4) worker’s compensation coverage if applicable 5) your health and medical insurance policy 6) the automobile, liability or umbrella insurance policy of either/both the employers of all drivers involved 7) disability insurance benefits and 8) life insurance benefits. There may also need to be a determination of whether the wreck itself or the injuries were in part caused by the product failure of any of the vehicles involved or by some other cause such as highway construction, etc. You will need and you deserve to be represented by an attorney who has the experience and ability to protect your interests.

Duke Walker has that experience and ability. Successfully representing injured persons for over fifteen years in automobile wrecks, tractor trailer accidents, product liability claims and other personal injury lawsuits, Mr. Walker has obtained jury verdicts and settlements totaling in the millions of dollars. As your attorney, Duke Walker’s only goal is to maximize the compensation you receive.

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