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Personal Injury

Personal injury is an area of the law that encompasses all types of injuries including death stemming from a wide variety of causes. Substandard nursing home care, errors by medical doctors, nurses or hospitals, dangerous prescription medications, harmful children’s vaccines, automobile wrecks, unsafe working conditions, unsafe products – such as automobiles that are inclined to rollover, tires that are prone to blowout, or poorly designed machinery – and an infinite number of other unacceptable actions and practices cause serious injury and death to people every day. Every day. The personal injury lawyer’s job is to hold accountable the person(s) and businesses responsible for these unacceptable actions and practices. More specifically, to hold them accountable by making them pay compensation for your damages, by bringing publicity to the wrong doing and thereby forcing corrective actions and practices and preventing reoccurrence.

The pursuit of personal injury law often leads into areas where very few, if any, attorneys specialize. No attorney is a specialist in all of these areas. If you or a family member suffers serious injury or death that may have been caused by the wrongful actions or inactions of another, please contact your attorney as soon as you can. Oftentimes, investigators and/or insurance employees descend on the scene of a serious injury or death within hours if not sooner. You need someone looking out for your interests as soon as possible.

A lot of times cases of this nature may require your local lawyer to associate or bring in another lawyer or firm who has had experience handling cases similar to yours, sometimes with experience against the same people who caused your damages. The use of your local attorney in these situations can be invaluable in quickly obtaining the best attorney(s) for your individual case. In these cases, the sooner you put the right person to work for you the better. The other side already has a head start. Almost all personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis, where the attorney receives no fee unless he is successful in obtaining money for your claim and where your attorney pays the expenses. The local attorney and any attorneys he associates with on your case determine how their fees and expenses will be paid. Going through your local attorney does not cost you anything and provides you with a close, personal contact to answer your questions as the case progresses.

Duke Walker has the experience and ability to effectively represent you in your personal injury claim. Depending on the nature of the personal injury claim, other attorneys may or may not be associated to assist in pursuing the case. Duke Walker has represented personally or in association with other attorneys a variety of personal injury claims resulting in millions of dollars in settlements and/or jury verdicts.

Duke Walker currently has pending cases including fen-phen litigation, ephedra products, autism caused by childhood vaccines, electrocution resulting in death, mesothelioma cancer caused by asbestos exposure, and failure to provide required medication, counseling and home care against home health care provider and faulty steering column lock resulting in a traffic accident.

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